About Me

Let me start by declaring that I’m not a financial advisor and I am not registered or associated to any legal institution.

I’m merely a guy who needed to make more money than my full time job is paying. I have years of experience and now wanting to find like minded people to join my team and build a passive income together.

All internet options to earn money are not actually a form of passive income. The truth behind all of these is that they all are time consuming and take dedication. I have met and chatted to some of the worlds best bloggers and you tubers and they all tell you that it is a mountain of work, hours upon hours spent online and always working. This did not suit me, I needed a solution that is 100% part time. I mean literally only a couple of hours a a week.

Bit more about me, during the normal working day I a general manager of a company. This is now my current situation but I’m also a Professional photographer, graphic designer and WordPress website designer. Further more i’m also a dedicated husband and “the worlds best” father to my son Bryce. I have the certificate issued by him on fathers day to prove it!

Jokes aside I am dedicated to making a success of myself and I’m very passionate about this opportunity, I’m so excited to show you how I built my own online income as an Independent Business Builder within MTI and show you what MTI can do for US. Remember those who join my team via the links provided get my personal cell number and email address and always available to help, train and advise along with marketing structures. After all we will be TEAM MATES and I will also offer Zoom meetings so that you get the personal touch and not just left in the cold.

Lets work together to build passive incomes which earn us more than our Financial needs” – Doug Clark 2020