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Step for Step how to Guide

This is a very layman’s terms basic step by step guide as to how to take advantage of this opportunity if you have NO experience with cryptocurrency, bitcoin and digital wallets.

MTI (Mirror Trading International) is a registered trading company who utilize bitcoin as the base currency to trade in.

Most people who want to try digital currency get scared as they they don’t have the how to knowledge. Its actually quite simple if you take it in these easy steps. I know I was very uncertain in the beginning and remember wondering why no one makes some sort of a step by step guide. Most “basic” guides say step one fund your bitcoin account then step two….I was like “wait a minute” you loosing me already at step one.

So I bumped my head and spent hours on the internet searching for answers. It was at this point that I promised that once I have my head around the how to I would give people a simplified short overview. This way once you understand the general flow its easy to ask for assistance on specific steps that you may battle with. Remember you welcome to Contact me with any question or query you may have. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Step 1 Register your MTI account

This is the first step, click the highlighted text and it will give you access to your MTI Account registration form. Complete the form and follow the simple instructions.

Step 2 Register a Digital Wallet

You need a digital wallet. This is where you can buy, sell and store your bitcoin. There are a large variety of digital wallets out there. The general consensus between the people I have spoken to especially in the MTI family and it really seems to come to two different ones in my opinion. Luno and Valr. Most people seem to agree that Valr is slightly faster in processing payments and transfers however I have had a few people complain that it can be a bit confusing to use.

I recommend Luno as its very user friendly and safe as they send a verification code to your email before logging in. Remeber this tip is primarily for South African residence but you really can use any digital wallet you prefer using. They all work on the same basic principles. Check out and see which they recommend for your country.

Step 2 transfer money to your digital wallet.

Your Digital wallet will provide you with bank details and a unique reference number to use to transfer your money into. From my experience you going to need internet banking or go into your bank for assistance as they do not allow cash deposits. Once you transfer money to your digital wallet it may take a day or two to reflect but when it does you can now purchase bitcoin to your specified value.

NOTE: The amount has to be at least $100 USD in bitcoin but if you are wanting to quailify for bonuses and referal program you need at least $200 USD in bitcoin to transfer to your MTI account. Simple math skills required here. Research the current exchange rate for $ 200 USD in bitcoin. this will give you the amount of actual bitcoin you will need in your MTI account to qualify for binary bonuses and build your own business. When you know the bitcoin value then you can convert the bitcoin value into your currency to know how much money you will need to transfer into your digital wallet.

Step 3 Buy Bitcoin in your digital wallet.

When your funds reflect in your digital wallet you can now buy bitcoin. This is quite a quick transaction and be careful they do charge a fee to do the transaction so build in a slight buffer or you will just not have enough to qualify for Bonuses.

Step 4 Transfer your bitcoins to your MTI account.

I speak from experience (Luno) that some of the digital wallets require you to register the account to enable transferring of bitcoin. This enabling step can take 24 hours so just remember this. In your MTI account go to the wallet section there is an “add funds” tab this will then display your personal BTC deposit address. I highly reccomend just copy this as you need this when you transfer from your digital wallet to MTI

I said copy and paste cause if you have it wrong your funds will go elsewhere. In your digital wallet it will ask you for this address to where you want to send your bitcoin. Once completed the funds will reflect in your MTI account and thats it easy as 1234 steps as listed.

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